this isn’t even close to my first blog post.

i’ve made about a thousand in the past 10 years.
i’m obsessed.  i forget and start over so bare with me.

allow me to introduce myself,
here i’ll probably just go by j since i always do.
im twenty two and i live in toronto with my boyfriend p.
we live in a studio in a really awesome neighbourhood called parkdale.
some people call it a bachelor and other people call it crackdale,
but we love it.

here i will keep it simple,
its a blog about nothing and a little bit about everything.
our amateur photography, daily happenings, recipes, rants, fashion, diy,

it’s here. it might not be entertaining but that’s nothing i promised;
so sit back, relax and poke around a bit.

just something i captured today.


One thought on “welcome

  1. Love the name of your blog!!! I’m a Mariah, too! Spelled exactly the same way! I seem to get excited when I find another with the same name!! I’ll for sure be back again to explore! 😀

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