white on white on black.

since moving into our second apartment together we’ve done things a little differently.

in our first place we were so excited to have our own place we instantly unpacked, decorated and hung a thousand pictures. we never got around the painting that horrible bisque coloured everything and pink bedroom. i’m not sure why. so this place we decided to paint ASAP and forget about the rest.

we’ve been here a month and have yet to unpack everything.  the alcove in the kitchen is piled to the ceiling with random junk that doesnt have a home yet. BUT we’ve painted almost all the rooms AND the kitchen cabinets and by we i mean i.

since we’ve i’ve semi completed the kitchen, bathroom and hall way we i moved onto the living room.  i decided to stay white because it is a studio and i want it to feel as large and airy as possible but the past tenant painted over a dark colour and it was seeping through and looked really dirty so i threw a coat of white in satin up. BUT then i realized we were living in a white on white on white hell because all the whites next to eachother made them all look equally off white and dirty.  i cant stand when blacks don’t match in an outfit and apparently whites can not match as well. (can you tell im type a?)

SO i threw up an accent wall of BLACK!! yes because my tiny less than 500 square foot studio needs more black accent walls. it actually looks pretty fucking unreal and i love it and if it were up to me every wall would be black everywhere. it looks awesome sauce. and because i’m a lazy blogger i don’t have a proper after shot so just deal with this.


the paint splatters are clearly ancient as well as the floors. did i mention many spots look like someone has been murdered? yep. totally creepy but covered by my FREE FLOR which is worthy of it’s own post.


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