leaky pipes.

i should start off by saying i live above a bar. it’s more of a restaurant. it’s not too loud and the constant smell of freshly baked pizza aint so bad either.

with that being said, i’ll move onto the goods. our bathroom pipes burst last week in the middle of the night and basically flooded the bar below us.  we didn’t know until 3pm the next day. since the pipes were still working, just our floor was a little wet. both of us thought the other had a crazy ass shower.

that was until the owners came up and said hey, whys our bar flooded. whoops.
i was at work and p was just about to leave so we called our super, gave him the awesome news and peaced out. that wasn’t before p dropped his key on the fire escape and couldn’t lock the back door and had to kee pit shut with a cinderblock the old tenant randomly left.

so i was coming home completely aware to the fact that i might a. have a flooded apartment, b. been robbed or c. have a weirdo plumber man in my bathroom possibly stealing all my things or d. all of the above. luckily it was none of it. no one was there, all my things were and there was no water.

i was just left with this..


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