black on black on black on black and maybe some blue

life with a white couch is hard work. especially if your boyfriend is mine who mysteriously bleeds all over your white couch. we decided to get the white cover for our kivik because its neutral and cheap. mostly because it was cheap. our plan was to wait and save up for a custom made one online but now it’s dirty and were impatient PLUS we just noticed that ikea sells a dark grey one that we both love and is reasonably priced.

i know what your probably not thinking. a black wall and a dark grey couch? AND a black dresser next to it. wont it all camouflage and look ridiculous. probably.

i thought the exact same thing, that’s when i turned to pinterest. because what was my other option?


and that’s ALL i could find! kind of freaked me out. what, no one has a pure black living room? how has no more than two, okay really one black on black on black living room not get posted on PINTEREST!?

so i did what anyone else would do.. photoshopped my living room except without photoshop so i snapped a pic of my living room and threw it into paint.
i apologize in advanced….

so bad right? but what i’m thinking is i need to break up the black by painting my awesomely spray painted black dresser a cool blue colour. brings colour besides black to the living room and breaks up all this black nonsense. and blue and orange always look fab together right? don’t judge my shadeless lamp. i haven’t found the right… black shade. what is wrong with me?!!


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