office inspiration

i have a nook in my kitchen which is just big enough to throw boxes of things without a home into one corner and throw a desk in the other.  i haven’t done much with it since moving in. ie. haven’t even sat down at it once. its basically a place i hoard reusable bags and things that dont have homes spill out the corner all over the desk.

i’m starting school in september so i figure i better have an office space ready for then because i know myself well and cramming or writing a paper on the couch in front of the tv just ends up in watching re runs of keeping up with the kardashians.

i have a ridiculously small budget, as in no budget at all so i’m hoping to work with what i have give or take a few cans of spray paint and maybe a swatch or two of fabric.

so here’s the list

1. paint the desk white, or maybe black.
2. re do the chair, in a bold colour and add fabric
3. add a curtain to block out the random storage corner
4. add some organization!!
5. make some bold art
6. DIY a pendant light

heres what i’m thinking..



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